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Here at our centre, we have lots of activities ranging from LEGO® Building, Robotics (Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Classes), Robotic Competitions, Coding Computers (SCRATCH, Construct, C++, Java, Python and others languages on request), RC Racing and Drone Flying.

One of our future activities will include LEGO® Design and LEGO® Building Sets and these will include getting children to build particular models or learning how to build large structures out of LEGO®.

The LEGO® Building Sets will be going live over the Winter holidays where children will be allowed to build from the following sets:

The Gingerbread House – 1477 pieces recommended ages 12+ (1.5 – 2 days at least)

The Roller Coaster – 4124 pieces recommended ages 16+ (3 days at least)

Assembly Square – 4002 pieces recommended ages 16+ (3 days at least)

The Carousel – 2670 pieces recommended ages 16+ (2 days at least)

Harry Potter The Knight Bus – 403 pieces recommended ages 8+ (half-day at least)

Winter Holiday Train Set – 734 pieces recommended ages 12+ (1 day at least)

Harry Potter Advent Calendar – 305 pieces recommended ages 7+ (half-day at most)

There will be a few other sets available for children to build and over time the models will be broken up to allow other children the thrill of building these models. Later on next year we will be offering more sets available.

Children will be allowed to choose on a model to build over a 2 or 3 day period depending on their age and ability and these models will be displayed on our LEGO® wall.

There will also be an opportunity for children to just do normal LEGO building from our 100,000 bricks available at our centre.

Other activities we are looking into at the moment are working with Raspberry Pi’s to educate children in building simple computers, programming in Python (a text-based language) and learning electronic design by controlling circuits from Python.


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