Everyone child loves their birthday parties, they get to see all their friends and spend their special day with them. Parties can be stressful times for parents, who to invite, how many kids, what to offer them food wise, finding a venue and then what activity to have that will keep 10, 12, 20 or even 30 children entertained for 2 hours without you getting stressed.

At our centre in London Colney we will be able to help with some of these issues. We can keep the children entertained for 90 minutes and help with organising the kids singing happy birthday. We have lots of party ideas and when you arrive at our centre it will all be setup for you.

Once the children arrive at our venue they can play with LEGO® on our LEGO® table, use the RC Racing circuit if they are old enough and then when the main party starts it will all be ready to go. Once the party element is over we can send the children downstairs to eat and then you can send them home with their going home gift. 

Tidy up the centre as you would any normal hall and then leave knowing all the children had a great time. 

Our staff are on hand to help you every step of the way.

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5+ – Our PARTY IN A BOX Brick building party centres around children building their own creations out of regular LEGO®, they get about 30 – 40 minutes to build their model and then they put into their own specially made box. After that the children get into teams and build a large tower out of DUPLO®. Tallest tower wins. Better get the taller parents to help in this one. We then break for lunch or tea and then the children come back and play party games like “Pass The Parcel”, Musical Chairs etc. We provide all the prizes and the presents for “Pass The Parcel”.

At the end of the party the birthday child is present with a LEGO City / LEGO Friends model wrapped up for them to take home with them. All the models made by the other children are taken home with the children

7+ – Our ROBOT WARS parties are brilliant. The children get to control their very own Robot using an ANDROID TABLET running specially written software. Initially the first part of the party allows the children to get use to the controls. They then split into teams and do relay races across the room. After doing some relay races the children get to play robot soccer. After that its time to put the weapons on the robots. Break for tea and then its all guns blazing to become the champion robot wars master. Robot Wars is suitable for children aged 7 – 14+ as when the children are older a different type of control mechanism is introduced, thereby keeping the fun of the party but making it harder to control the robots and making it more enjoyable for all taking part.

Details to be provided shortly.

9+ – Our racing parties are FANTASTIC!!!!. You provide us with the size of your room or hall and we bring along lots of foam track. It’s one metre wide and it can be as long or as short as you want. Typical space needed about 4 metres by 4 metres but if you want larger we can accommodate. Full blown rc cars, that go backwards, forwards, left and right. Beginners mode for the first part of the party and then after the break the children get to use the cars in race mode. The track can change also during the break as well. Full lap counting software and speaker system and the winners get medals and trophies.

A 2 hour party full of entertainment and half an hour for food at the end. Combine both a Robotics Party and RC Racing party together one hour of each activity separated by 30 minutes of food before the second activity begins or have half the children doing robotics for an hour and half doing RC Racing before having food and then changing over. 

Suitable for 12 children maximum to allow the least amount of time spent waiting to have a go on the track. Maximum of 4 – 6 cars on the track at any single time. Each race is timed at 3 minutes each.

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